Jane and Finch.

Trethewey and Lawrence Heights.

We're two guys who grew up in a space where the future for the youths is bleak and the life expectancy of Black males is short.

Money got us out of the hood; money that came from education.


Learn How to Use Money So That It Works For You, Instead of You Working For It

We're two men who grew up in a space where the future for the youth is bleak and the life expectancy of Black males is short.

We’ve never had a handout, a trust fund, or got a headstart in this life. We started where you might be today. We are living proof that your beginning doesn’t have to be your end.

Money got us out of the hood; money that came from education that we're now going to be teaching you.

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Financial Education That's Not Taught in School

Common sense is not common when money is concerned. This course aims to clarify misconceptions about money and build a solid foundation for financial success.

Learn the Step By Step Process On How to Leverage Your Money

Being financially literate is one of the keys to success in our modern world. Success is defined as the achievement of the desired goal. You, too, can attain financial success.

This is the Beginning of Building Generational Wealth

When you want to make a large purchase like a house or a car, money can only go so far. You'll learn many tools you can use to have your money work for you instead of waiting for the money to stack. 

This Online Course Teaches You How to Use
Money to Your Advantage

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A huge game-changer for me. They have given me some much-needed insight into properly budgeting and saving money. With the guidance of Checks Over Strikes, I’m aligning my financial knowledge to ensure all my goals at met.  Our community needs this, don’t be a waste yute!
- Roseanna Duke-Inniss

A great little book with a wealth of knowledge to change anyone's life. Written with the intention for anyone to comprehend and apply the tools and gems that are jam-packed in this book. Thanks for creating this one for the people.

- Derick Asante

Checks Over Strikes make the information easy to understand and break it down into bite-size pieces that readers can digest comfortably. The book is a great starter and I would recommend it for students or adults with limited financial literacy. 

- Dane Satchell


We're giving back through community-focused initiatives that support our youth in becoming financially equip while their parents become financially free.

Whether you are building your life or cleaning it up, our approach to money is making money work for you, as opposed to you working for money.

Your financial literacy becomes your legacy and we're here to make sure it's a successful one. 

Foundations Online Course


Online Course

Access to the M3 Money Management Method Online Course which includes

  • 4 Modules and 17 Videos to help you build a foundation for financial
  • PDF of the Don't be a Waste Yute Book to get access to in-depth
    financial knowledge and training. 
  • Practical Workbook and Assignments to help you gain clarity over the
    state of your finances and build your financial legacy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

 I don't have a good credit score. Can I still take this course?

Yes, you can take this course. There is a program within the course to help your credit.

Do I have to clear my debt before I take this course?

No. Debt is a part of your learning curve.  There is good debt and bad debt, we will help differentiate between the two.

I want to take this course but I'm not sure if I can afford it. 

We have created a free money management course that will help you prepare and show you that you have more money than you think! Email us at [email protected] to learn more.

How will this course set me up for success?

This course will give you the basic fundamentals needed to manage your day-to-day finances.  This course was created with you in mind, we understand the importance of effectively communicating in a universal language that allows everyone to the right of success no matter what age group or ethnicity.

Don't Be Broke Inside at the Cost of Being Fake Rich on the Outside

We'll help you get green on your net worth so that you've got Checks In Your Name with No Strikes Against It.

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